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Jump, Little Chidren

"Magazine" remains one of my top five albums, even though it came out in the early 90's. JLC (or Jump as they may have shortened their name to recently) has a really eclectic style. They make for an interesting listen.

My Guitar from Magazine

Say Goodnight from Magazine (best song on the album, I say!)

Education from Between The Dim And The Dark

Mexico from Between The Dim And The Dark

Too High from Vertigo

Lover's Greed from Vertigo

Just A Second from Buzz

15 Stories from Buzz

Someone's In The Kitchen from The Licorice Tea Demos

U Can Look from The Licorice Tea Demos

There are other really great songs by them that I'll probably end up posting at some point purely because I think everyone should hear as much Jump, Little Children as humanly possible.
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