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October seems the perfect month for indie goth/cabaret act Voltaire. With a blend of disturbing and ridiculous lyrics, over-the-top humour and an all-acoustic band of stringsmen, Volatire quickly established a distinctive voice with the underground crowd. His first release, The Devil's Bris, dropped in 1998 from Projekt Records, featuring everything from love ballads to violently melodramatic paranoia, confessionals to the theme for every Vaudevillain to ever exist, all touched with lush vocals and dense, beautiful string instruments. In 2000, Voltaire released Almost Human, featuring a more new age sound and a fresh set of bizarre, beautiful and touching pop songs. 2002's Boo Hoo snarkily addressed love, this time featuring big band arrangements and even electric keyboards. Then and Again (2004) found him returning to his roots, before he became known as a gothic jokester or Weird Al's twisted cousin - simple songs about lost love and parenting became musical portraits under his strong songwriting and his wonderful musical collaborators.

Voltaire recently released an EP for the upcoming album, Ooky Spooky (2007).

The Devil's Bris (1998)
The Chosen
When You're Evil
All the Way Down

Almost Human (2000)
Out of Reach
Almost Human

Boo Hoo (2002)
#1 Fan
Let It Go

Then and Again (2004)
The Happy Song
Wall of Pride
Hallo Elskan Min

Live! (2006)
Hell in a Handbasket

Zombie Prostitute (2006)
Zombie Prostitute
China Girl [David Bowie cover]
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